Liquid Salsa Juice Recipe

Thursday, May 2, 2013 0

A few weeks into the juice fast we started to crave savory comfort foods. So much of our green drinks had been sweetened with fruits and therefore, the majority of our juice had a sweet flavor. I found a recipe in the Juicing Bible for a liquid salsa. A few minor adjustments for my taste and VIOLA, savory juice.

Katie’s Liquid Salsa Juice
4-6 large tomatoes
2-3 large bell peppers (red/yellow/orange)
cilantro – to your taste, I use 1/2 bunch
1/4 lime
1/4 red onion

First batch I was tempted to put in more lime and onion, but use the less is more approach and you can always add more later with your lime squeezer.

The original recipe calls for jalapeno. Since I never know how potent the jalapeno was going to be, I opted to eliminate the pepper and instead I tossed a few red pepper flakes in my juice after making it and allow time for the juice to sit and to disperse the heat.

I hope you enjoy this savory juice as much as we did.

PS – my friend adds a few carrots to this recipe and says it’s just as wonderful and slightly less acidic.

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