30 Day Challenge. Accepted!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 0


It has been several years since I’ve taken private or even semi-private Pilates instruction. Despite that fact, I love, love, love, my adorable Pilates instructor and I still consider her my Pilates Instructor. I follow her on Facebook, I try to get people to attend her studio, and I dream of the day when can have a private session 5 days a week.


This is her studio page. You should “like” it.


For the month of May, she is challenging her clients and friends to choose something they’ve been wanting to do, and tackle it. It could be something like giving up soda, a daily blog post, meditate , replace one meal a day with juice, or do yoga every day. She is going to blog every day. Her husband is going to run a 5K every day. One friend posted she will give up refined white sugar and another is going to manage portion control.

This got me thinking about what I could commit to doing (or NOT doing), every day for the month of May. Here is a list of ideas. Some I copied from her post, her friend comments, and some were my own brainstorming.


  • no alcoholic beverages
  • blogging/journal
  • meditate
  • clean eating
  • stretching
  • athletic activity
  • yoga
  • eat vegan
  • scrapbook
  • craft project
  • perfect sewing
  • clean and organize the entire house top to bottom, something every day
  • reading – chapter a day??
  • replace meal/s with juicing
  • juice fast
  • no refined sugar
  • gluten free


I had a few standouts in this brainstorm list that sounded like good challenges for me. I’ve been pinning TONS of craft projects on Pinterest, so a daily craft project was tempting. I was worried that this could get expensive so it came off the short list quickly. I think crafting might be something you focus on monthly or weekly. Blogging was tempting as well, and I’d really like to get my house organized. In the end I decided to select TWO challenges. I know, crazy, right? So for the month of May I will:


  1. not drink alcoholic beverages
  2. partake in athletic activity every day


I selected these two challenges, because taking them on should allow me to kick the last 10-ish pounds I would like to lose, burn off some more fat, and give my muscles some nice definition after our weight loss from the juice fast.

What good is a challenge if you don’t do some planning to help in your success? It’s a recipe for failure, so that leads me to my next list; a brainstorm of athletic activities I can do. Ready, set, go.


  • walk
  • run
  • cycle
  • swim
  • hike in Exploration Park Peak
  • hike in Red Rock
  • boot camp style workout in the park
  • New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts (see my post here)
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Barre Class (from the Groupon I bought – 10 classes)
  • ice skating
  • paddleboard on Lake Las Vegas (been wanting to try this!)
  • rollerblading (…is this cool anymore? I need to buy rollerblades)
  • roller staking
  • indoor rock climbing (need to research location/prices)
  • bowling (this is a stretch…but fun!)


Are you up for the challenge? What are you willing to try? Good Luck!

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